Our mission

Advancing world
by software

We put emphasis on the use of the latest technologies, artificial intelligence, robotics and automation to create high added value.


We strongly believe that through information technology, artificial intelligence and other tools, we can push the boundaries for the benefit of business, knowledge and society as a whole.

We put our resources, knowledge, vision and energy into projects that we see as having a significant potential to leave a mark on our industry and move it forward. We want our work to make a lasting contribution to the future.

Our projects have a combined focus on information technology and artificial intelligence. We strive to foster synergies across the Group so that knowledge, open opportunities and development possibilities are shared among all the projects. 

We are aware that our activities are greatly dynamic and thus have a society-wide impact. For this reason, we consistently and systematically support socially responsible projects and activities that help to change the world for the better.


All members of the group share the core values of trust, openness, courage, development and reliability.

As entrepreneurs, we are aware of the extent of our responsibilities. We want to be as open as possible in communication, sharing and feedback.
We are not afraid to do things our own way and differently than others. Innovation and exploration of unknown paths drive everything we do. The commitments we make to ourselves and others, no matter how big, are of great importance to us. 

Within the group and outwardly, we have a fundamental revulsion to corruption, fraudulent behaviour, politicking, vested interests, racism, bossing and anything that stifles freedom, openness and fairness.

Our Milestones

at artin group

We are a group of technology enthusiasts who share the same values, a common vision and a desire to continually push the boundaries of knowledge and possibilities. We have diverse entrepreneurial stories, successful projects and a wealth of experience to back us up.

Jan Najvárek


Honza is the co-founder of the company and, later, the ARTIN group. He is an innovator and a pioneer of AI, robotics, automation and autonomous driving.

He studied automation at Brno University of Technology and subsequently earned a PhD in artificial intelligence and neural networks. He has worked as a developer-contractor, and later also at Manulife, a Canadian insurance company.

In 1998, he founded ARTIN with Tomáš Ondráček, where he continues to apply his ideas and visions.

Honza's motto:

If you do your job with passion, diligence and for long enough, you will excel and people will appreciate your work. Software is a craft like any other, let's do it well but keep it simple.

Honza's favorite quotes:

"For everything that is great, the first step is courage."
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe  

"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Tomáš Ondráček


Tomáš is the co-founder of the company and later the ARTIN group, he is an implementer and an enthusiastic promoter of modern technologies, AI, robotics, automation or autonomous driving, a supporter of music, cultural, charity and other meaningful projects.

He studied computer science at Brno University of Technology and subsequently obtained a Ph.D.  in artificial intelligence and neural networks. During his studies, he worked as a developer - contractor, then with Jan Najvárek founded the company ARTIN, in the activities of which he is still active today.

Tom's motto:

It's about the people. Experience has taught me the importance of the kind of people you surround yourself with in life and work. I have been lucky to have wonderful colleagues and friends with whom we have been able to realize many of our visions and dreams and have a lot of fun along the way.


Our portfolio includes projects in the fields of information technology, software development, robotics and other similar areas that bring great added value. And we don't mean just financial gains.

We strive to foster the potential of exceptional and well-targeted ideas and seek out interesting opportunities, ideas and visions.
We build successful companies that leave a visible footprint in their industries from small companies and startups that have courage and a strong vision.


We provide professional services in the areas of software development and integration; quality control, support and consulting mainly in the areas of telecommunications. We also provide insurance and finance, industrial production, services and logistics. We operate in theCzech Republic and abroad - namely in Switzerland and Austria.

We focus our experience and knowledge so as to provide our customers with high quality, fast and reliable solutions built on long-term partnerships and good relationships. We also support R&D projects such as Roboauto, Aiviro or Coworkers.ai.


We provide services in the field of complex software solutions, system integration, application testing and IT consulting. We want to be a sought-after supplier especially in the areas ofBSS/OSS in telecommunications, identity management (IDM) and others, not only within Slovakia and the Czech Republic, but also on foreign markets.

Our platform for selling product insurance is used by customers in 12 countries in Europe, the Middle East and NorthAfrica. In addition to this, our activities also extend to Southeast Asia andNorth America. We are open-minded and love the challenge of new markets and new technology.


We help industrial vehicle manufacturers accelerate and economize the development and operation of teleoperated and fully automated mobile robots. Our products bring intelligence, safety, and greater efficiency to a wide range of automated machines that work on the road, in the field, underground, and underwater.

We want to show the world that even small machine builders have the ability to build amazing and intelligent machines that help people do difficult and dangerous jobs.

NOTUM Technologies

We specialize in the field of frontend, web, mobile and cross-platform applications in JavaScript. We are an official partner of the STRAPI framework for the Czech Republic. We deliver our solutions to large stable customers as well as to start-up companies, into which we occasionally invest.

In addition to development, we also invest our effort and energy into education, training, meetups and other events. We want to open the doors to the latest technologies for our own benefit as well as for the benefit of our society.


We specialize in AI chatbots, voicebots and e- mailbots, thanks to which we effectively automate around 75 % of all interactions with your customers. With dozens of successful projects, we ensure that your customers leave with maximum satisfaction.


In companies, Aiviro Robot works in different teams, in the accounting department, in the sales department or in HR. He is a reliable colleague who enjoys routine computer work.


We are engaged in the development and production of smart IoT sensors connected via low-power LPWAN technology for both home and corporate applications. We provide turnkey solutions, which include cloud network, monitoring application and the possibility of integration into enterprise systems.

Levebee (vcelka.cz)

Since 2014, the LeveBee app has been helping children with their education when they need it most - when they are learning the basic skills that underpin all further learning (reading, writing, arithmetic and languages in general).  We are developing the app to really help children, who are for instance dyslexics, young foreigners, children with ADHD and many more, overcome their learning difficulties.

LeveBee is already being used by over 250,000pupils from 3 different countries (Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia).Annually, LeveBee users go through more than 3.5 million exercises.


EquiRadar is a digital platform forequestrian sports, especially jumping, dressage and eventing. It provides asingle venue where equestrians, equestrian service providers, competitionorganisers and product retailers across Europe can connect. EquiRadar alsoprovides its users with digital marketing services, including completemanagement of their websites and applications.


We develop, market and maintain a uniquesoftware tool for real estate developers around the world.


Localazy is a cutting-edge localization platform that empowers businesses to seamlessly expand their global reach by simplifying the translation and adaptation of software applications.


Alvie was founded in 2020. Its aim is to facilitate the transition from intensive agriculture with a high environmental impact to new, more sustainable agricultural models. Alvie's specialty is optimizing the use of phytosanitary products, including pesticides and biocontrol.

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